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One-click to save links.

Use the browser extension to effortlessly save links as you browse.

Search, filter, sort, group, and favorite.

All of the tools you'd expect to help you find things easily and keep things tidy.

Your links will look beautiful.

Linksort has three ways of displaying your links: tiled view, comfy, or condensed. Whatever you choose, your links will look great.

Auto tags.

We magically* organize your links into categories for you—okay, we don't have magic, just the next best thing, machine learning.

Graph view.

Explore relationships among your links and their topics with network graph view.

Use folders to organize your links.

Sometimes you just need a good old folder.

Add notes.

Jot down your thoughts as you read.

Private, safe, and secure.

We encrypt your data in storage and we don't share it with anyone.

Get started. It's free.

Linksort is being actively developed, with new features coming out at a rapid clip. If you sign up now, it will always be free for you.

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