• Introducing Reader View and Notes

    Linksort now has a beautiful new reader view that displays articles you’ve saved in a clean, clutter free view. It’s powered by go…

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  • Safari Extension Setup

    To have the best experience with the Safai extension, there is some additional setup after installation. First, install the extension from…

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  • Error Handling in Go REST APIs

    In writing a REST API, we have to deal with at least two types of errors. Client errors: These errors are the fault of the user, e.g…

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  • Technical goals

    Linksort is going to have at least the following three properties: Splash page: A page where people can learn about what Linksort is. Blog…

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  • Idea

    Like most people these days, I browse the web constantly and end up with too many tabs. We all know this problem. These tabs are important…

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